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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Let Me Talk About : The 2nd’s ASAP Rocky Album “At. Long. Last. A$AP”

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At Long Last ASAP.

So, Before starting, let met tell you that i consider [IMHO] his first album (studio), “Long Live Asap” as one
of the best of this decade (2010-2020).

at the begining, I could barely to realize it. But the entire album is really good!

The only complaint I have is the choice of the order of the songs which is bad.
So it’s like we listenning to a “compilation of song”. In spite of everything as I
says “Long Live A$AP” is one of the best album in this decade.
Okay now let’s talk about his new album. he was clearly on pressure . When you make a good album, is this pressure, “one must
do better than before is a challenge really hard (see: remember, ASAP Rocky has been massively famous after his first mixtape).
I do not know if he got the pressure, but I think the album is “just good.”
I put it under “Long live Asap”.

The album is for me too homogenous.the beats are good but not striking.
it’s a pity, because the visual support is very good. the music video made for LSD, is very impressive. to see again, and again!

However, on this new album unlike the previous, Asap Rocky has bring his beats him. and that’s a big thing (and very respectable), from the point of view of the approach.
I think that’s why the album is (too) homogenous.

the songs that have scored the most to me are : “Canal St.” , “L$D” , And “Excuse Me”

and what we would retain the most on this album is that ASAP Rocky tries to explore new things. even if it’s not great for this album, i see in the future an album with the same colour but better.


Let Me Talk About : Les Twins

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Each times i see a new video performance by them, i tell myself, “it’s impossible, they are on top, they can’t do better, and yet, at each new performance, they kill me ! Litteraly !

Les Twins … , These dancers are definitively my favorites dancers.

The first twins’s video i saw was this


Then i saw all the videos recorded in japan [“Just Debout Event”] like this .

This is where you realize that they are VERY strong for improvised and in the same time feeling the music, and that’s why it’s my favorite dancers.

If you like these samples, go check some videos of them in youtube, there are a tons ! for the anecdote, They are dancing for many artists. But mainly, Beyonce.

But back to the main video that i posted, Know that they have improved this choreography, and the part where there is the beat of « Evil Needle & Mr. Carmack  – Intrepidity », at 3min50, I was shocked to see that now they rap! I don’t know if it’s new, but in any case I was not aware! But it’s impressive , because they are French, and they rap pretty well in english.

Anyway, they are very complete artists, IMHO.


FrenchMG – Forgive Me

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New Dope “little” song from my bro FrenchMG,
Before his upcoming Mixtape.

Good Ambiance for Chillin’

Mak3 Feat FrenchMG & Ritch – Pon Da Left

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Here , a new song from my bro Mak3 Le Barbier Feat FrenchMG and Ritch
Let your comment !

My Remake Of : “Niggas in Paris”

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Hey Everyone,

Today i want to show you my remake of “Niggas In Paris” by Jay-Z And Kanye West.

As a reminder, in the case of you don’t know this song (Really?!!)

My Goal was to get closer to the spirit of the song .
For this remake i only resampled from the original song: the riser fx, a piece of Kanye West’s acapella and the voice sample from the movie “Blades Of Glory”.

Otherwise i used the same sample from “Baptizing Scene – Reverend W.A. Donaldson & Congregation” as Background Sound but not the exactly the same pattern.


Tell me,  Success or Not ?

Let Me Talk About DJ Dahi

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In the last hiphop’s decade, which beginning in 2010. I had to name one of the most creative producer, it would be is : DJ DAHI

I remind. He appears in the Kendrick Lamar’s album, “Good Kid M.A.A.D City”, which is also one of my favorite hip-hop album of the last hiphop’s
To return to the producer: I do not know where he take his creativity, but I love his way of taking the thing to reverse. He does not seek to take the rules’s game of the day.

It’s perfectly normal to inspire others and shaping something in his way. But with DJ Dahi, when you listen his productions. you take a slap, but a slap like “you’re not expecting at all to what you are currently listen.” Why ? because his beat are original.

How ? He explains himself his creative process in this video @0:50

“in general, when i do hiphop music, hiphop music doesn’t inspring me itself […].”

 So  if you listen to a song made by DJ DAHI, you feel a freshness, an imprint. And that’s what I like about him. I would like to learn from him, I knew him with money trees of kendrick lamar, and when I tried to learn more about him, I came across “Babylon” (GREEAAT SONG !!) from SZA and Kendrick Lamar.

Listen to the voice of opera’s sample, and the beat which happens above. MAGNIFICIENT! I have only one thing to say : this guy is freak.

Essentially I like DJ Dahi, because he does everything in reverse. he tries not to look like the top hit song of the moment, by “Mike Will” or “DJ Mustard”. And that’s what I like about him.
I expect other slaps on his part, because I know he has a lot in reserve.